Monday, August 15, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

A big congratulations goes out to Cunning Linguists (Nate) who managed to convince a lovely young lady to marry him despite his hairy back, his unnatural love of Christmas and his perpetual, toxic farts. He dropped the bomb on her Friday night at the Art Museum...Philly through and through. That reduces the number of competitors in this league who are not engaged or married to ONE.

Here are the two lovebirds at their finest...

In other news, we are a mere nine days away from the draft. I am slowly shifting my schedule from 40% work, 30% reading stuff on the internet, 15% eating, 15% staring off into space to a more reasonable 60% reading about fantasy sports specifically, 20% eating, 15% staring off into space, 5% working. This is standard for fantasy football season. I hope you are all doing the same.

There was some confusion about the draft setup. I will attempt to clarify, but the confused person shall remain anonymous because they are stupid and I do not want to embarrass them any more than necessary. We will be doing an ONLINE draft, but those of us who live in Philadelphia will congregate at a single location and bring laptops or other similar computing devices. We connect to the interweb and draft online while yelling insults at each other. It will be fun.

I think we are settled on Nate's place for the draft. He promised to force his lady to make us food etc. Probably end up buying food though because Kim is the one who really knows about Fantasy Football, and will be too busy telling Nate who to draft to make some damn nachos...

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  1. 10 people in our league yet only 4 people following this blog... i feel a fine coming from the commish!