Thursday, August 25, 2011

Draft Grades

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In the aftermath of the draft last night, I would like give out Draft Grades as well as the presentation of the Al Davis Award. Draft Grades are based on an assessment of your team at QB, RB and WR and include a team slogan, best and worst picks, and a letter grade. These are the opinion of a completely impartial third party and do not necessarily represent the views of this blog. Note that there is grade inflation. The impartial third party doesn't want anyone to feel like a loser.

Report Card Summary:
Mr McGibblets - C+
Yarnold Stupid Team Name - B
Le Toux Legit 2 Quit - A-
Bring It On - B
Fell off My Dinosaur - C-
Cunning Linguists - B
Balls & Shaft - A-
Buffalo Renaissance - A
SackedBySuggs - B-
Vinegar Strokes - B-

In depth grades:

Mr McGibblets - "Rankings Slave"

QB - Terrible starting QB fantasy-wise, but solid upside in Kolb
RB - Strong RB core, but no depth
WR - VJax a good #1, but Bryant in the 4th round...hmmm

Best Pick - Kolb - 11th round
Worst Pick - Steve Slaton as the absolute last pick of the Draft

Grade - C+

Yarnolds F'ing Team - "League 2007"

QB - Brady/Cutler combo is solid, but disgustingly self-absorbed
RB - AP aside, there are  a lot of RBs who are currently #1 on the depth charts, but may not be for long
WR - Two guys in pass-happy offenses (good) with tons of other options (not good)

Best Pick - Peterson at 2 is a steal - Thanks Shust
Worst Pick - Ryan Grant in the 6th Round

Overall Grade - B

Le Toux Legit 2 Quit - "The stars aligned..."

QB - Manning/Romo may be the most despicable yet best QB tandem in this league
RB - Injury and Platoon concerns abound, but Ray Rice is a PPR monster
WR - Powerful starting 3, with a lot of rookie/upside depth

Best Pick - Romo - 8th tied with Greene - 9th
Worst Pick - Hankerson in the 15th

Overall Grade - A-

Bring It On! - " BIG PLAY!"

QB - What kind of insider info did John have taking Matty Ice over Manning and Romo? Bradford=Upside
RB - Solid starters but some platoon concerns on the backups
WR - Big play guys abound

Best - McFadden in the 2nd round - It'll happen Pat
Worst - none

Overall Grade - B

Fell off My Dinosaur - "Seeing the World Through Different Eyes"

QB - Solid starter with a rock solid backup; Maybe went too early on Rivers
RB - Literally no PPR upside on this team at all; LT at 15 could always be a huge steal
WR - Solid big play guys, but not much depth

Best Pick - LT in 15th
Worst Pick - Luckily Pat doesnt read the blog - Mendenhall 5th overall

Grade - C-

Cunning Linguists - "High Risk, High Reward"

QB - Two huge upside QBs, made out of glass and Popsicle sticks
RB - Risky first pick in CJ2K with McCoy on the board, but he was gunning for Vick all along
WR - Somewhat weak WR corp after the top two guys

Best Pick - Hillis in the 4th
Worst Pick - GB in the 9th

Overall Grade - B

Balls & Shaft - "QBs are Over-rated Bitches"

QB - I admire the commitment to focus on the skill guys; Like picking your poison every week
RB - Best starting RBs in the whole league hands down
WR - White is a solid pick in the 2nd; backed up by a few tough week to week calls with the WR corp

Best - Steven Jackson in the 4th round
Worst - Not much to complain about, but Zach Miller in the 16th

Overall Grade - A-

Buffalo Renaissance - "You Sneaky Bastard..."

QB - Brees should be a solid starter every week but the Bye
RB - A lot riding on 1st/2nd year guys, but HUGE upside
WR - Fucking A

Best Pick - Julio Jones in the 8th
Worst Pick - Hernandez in the 13th - TE Platoon?

Overall Grade - A

SackedBySuggs - "The Wildcard"

QB - Aaron Rodgers is a stud and I am wacko for Flacco
RB - No PPR pass catcher types except Bush, but solid rushers
WR - Solid top 3 but not a lot of depth

Best - Law Firm in the 8th round
Worst - Kellen Winslow at any position - What a piece of shit.

Overall Grade - B-

Vinegar Strokes - "Making Lemonade out of a Shitty Pick"

QB - Two solid performers with almost no injury risk
RB - Dodgy knees and dodgy offenses could hamper this group
WR - Solid value in Rice and Burress and Fitz is Fitz

Best - Burress in 12th
Worst - TO at all

Grade B-

and finally the presentation of the Al Davis award...but first, a few honorable mentions...

McGibblets - Steve Slaton in the 16th
Le Toux - Leonard Hankerson in the 15th
Linguists - GB in the 9th
Vinegar - Benson in the top of the 6th
Dinosaur - Mendenhall 5th overall

and your winner is....

VINEGAR STROKES! Chad Ochocinco went at least two rounds early...

"Thanks Vinegar Strokes, for giving me another shot"

Travis - You reserve to right to rub my face in this as much as you want if I am proven wrong. 


  1. well done with the draft grades... i concur that Ocho was the reach of the day, esp on a Pat teams that spread the ball around like a mofo!

  2. I'd also like to thank Pat for picking Mendenhall thus allowing Shady to drop to me at #7.

  3. The impartial third party appreciates the recognition and would happily invite any other opinions or counterpoints...