Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First update - 14 days until the draft

So this is where the craziness will be documented. Yahoo won't let me do a big write up and goddammit I want to, so here is where it will be. I will be developing some weekly and season-long awards which will be handed out here in the most ceremonious fashion possible. For those who have been in my leagues before, you know what I am talking about. For those who are new, I will give you a taste of things to come.

Flawless. Victory.

So one such award I will be bringing back is the Bear Grylls Male Performance Turtle Blood Award, which will be bestowed upon the highest scorer of the week. The award was originally developed for a co-ed league, but since our league is 9 men and John Shust, we will just default to only one award.

If you have any ideas for awards or would like to suggest anything else for the league send me an email or comment on the blog.

Important League Reminders:

Dues - $50 before the Draft
Draft - August 24th at 8pm
Team names cannot suck
Throw a picture up there for your team, not a creepy avatar or boring helmet

I am considering some side competitions like The UCFAC Beard Growing Competition (Travis wins 1st by default) but prizes are awarded for 2nd place.

KEEPER Rules - Not developed yet, but will be posted on here as soon as I post them.


  1. my attention span doesn't allow me to watch a Mortal Kombat video of such length...fail!

  2. I hope your "attention span" lasts more than 3:18 when you are with your lady friend....

    You're lucky I didn't post the whole goddamn movie.