Friday, August 19, 2011

Gabrielson. A Man's Man.

If you look at the picture below and think "who is this weird dude in a straw hat smoking a cigar while being filmed with night vision?" don't worry, all will be explained...

For those who recognize one Dan Gabrielson, I have exciting news. Late at night here at the office in bowels of Alumni Engineering at Drexel University, I have found my copy of both of the original Drexel Crew films. I will be working to post/distribute to anyone and everyone who wants a copy.

Non-rowers, if you are into poorly filmed camcorder movies with a lot of homo-erotic dance sequences, cross-dressing, overuse of nightvision, action footage of a sport that is not particularly fun to watch, ugly chicks, and my nude ass, then you are in for a treat...

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