Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keeper Settings

Only 4 days until the Draft...which means that now is the perfect time to announce the...

Al Davis Draft All-Star Epic Fail Award

This prestigious honor is bestowed upon the team with the pick the commissioner deems most ridiculous. It could be an 8th round kicker, a backup backup defense, or Tim Tebow. Who knows?  It could be you...

I truly hope that the Draft is so epic and competitive that this award has to be given out posthumously to the owner who wastes a 1st round pick on a QB who gets Tom Brady-ed in Week 1.

On a more official note, I have put some time and some research into typical keeper settings and have formulated a plan that will be up for open debate from now until the Draft.

KEEPER RULES (Read this shit)

1. Each owner has the option of keeping up to three players, but must keep at least two players. 

2. Only two players at a given position may be kept by an owner. 

3. Only one of the three kept players can come from rounds 1,2 or 3 of the previous year.

4. The owner sacrifices the draft pick of the kept player in the following years draft

5. If the kept player is taken from free agency then the owner sacrifices their 10th round pick. 

6. If two kept players are taken from free agency, then the owner sacrifices the 10th and 11th round picks and so on. 

7. If a kept player comes from free agency and the 10th round pick is also kept, then the 11th round pick is sacrificed, and so on. 

8. If a kept player comes from waivers, then the owner sacrifices the pick in the round in which the player was drafted. 

9. A player may be kept by a single owner for a maximum of three seasons (the original drafted season, and two "kept" seasons).

10. Up to the three year limit under a single owner, the owner sacrifices the pick corresponding to the players original drafted round.

11. If a player is traded before the three year limit, the original pick sacrifice is traded with him.

12. If a player is traded at the end of the three year limit, then the new owner sacrifices the pick corresponding to the players preseason ranking for a standard PPR scoring format according to Yahoo! Sports. 

13. No trades for draft picks are allowed. 

14. Keeper selections are due 5 days prior to next years draft. 

15. After the initial four day evaluation window, these rules can only be changed with a majority vote of the league (6+ votes)

So please review these rules and post your opinions in the comments section. We can discuss and finalize prior to the draft. I am more than open to suggestions. Another thing to consider is that we, as a league, can decide to move to a vote veto system for regular league trades. I believe the league is set to default to commissioner veto. If everyone agrees to be responsible and actually vote for trades, then I am happy to switch it and take the pressure off of myself. 

See you on Wednesday, or at least see your cute little avatar on the web during the Draft. Would be nice to get to the money before the draft or at the draft. We are NOT doing the everyone send the winner the money, because it is a nightmare for the winner. My address is officially 6256 Charles St, Philadelphia, PA 19135

Here is to a long season of ridiculous James Harrison comments, alternating Michael Vick kills dogs/Michael Vick is the savior of Philadelphia discussions, Pat and Josh having wildly different valuation systems for trades, Ben Roethlisberger getting accused of rape, Shust getting too "busy" with "work" to update his team and them getting physically beaten as a result, and me winning. 

And Cheerleaders. 

Steelers suck and James Harrison is a douchebag.


  1. Sounds good to me on the keeper rules. I think a league wide voting system is fine for trades. I'm not sure when the trade deadline is, but I wouldn't be opposed to pushing it out a little, just because a lot can happen after week 7-8 (or whenever it is).

    If (and when) the Ravens beat the Steelers win in Week 1, I reserve the right to use the phrase "throwing picks and raping chicks" as much as I want.