Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week 2 - Injuries and a Shitty Waiver System

Anyone who is going to be at Balls and Shaft's wedding next weekend, please bring your dues. Work guys, you can bring the money to work if you want.

At the end of week 2, one man stands alone at the top of the pile. Cunning Linguists, by some feat of luck or magic, is the only team at 2-0. I would love to say that is was because he was the team that had the least amount of points scored against, but that distinction belongs to Vinegar Strokes with a mere 223 points scored against, combined with an even more mere 221 points scored. Even more shockingly, Fell of my Dinosaur has a shockingly low point total at 203. You have to try to not score 100 points a week.

It was a rough week for real players as well, with Michael Vick and Mario Manningham getting concussed, Jamaal Charles and Domenick Hixon tearing ligaments, Tony Romo breaking a rib and using the chunk to puncture his lung, Cam Newton is wearing a boot, Antonio Gates is missing practice with a severed foot, and the entire Detroit Lions team has a sore shoulder.

The fantasy team that took the biggest hit is Bring it On, who lost his first round draft pick. Le Toux Legit 2 Quit dropped Peyton Manning (undisclosed neck injury) to pick up Rex Grossman to back up Romo. It was not a banner week.

I do not have time for recaps, but I just want to touch on how really, really, really, ridiculously lucky McGibblets was last week. I mean, shit.

I sent out an email about waivers because there was a little confusion last week. Every free agent locks at kickoff on Sunday, so if you need to get someone make sure you get them before kickoff. More info below.


Next week - Double COWs and maybe a little effort

PALIN 2012!

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  1. Fell off My dinosaur may have a hard time cracking 100 at this point. Kicker scored more points than the QB and WR's combined.