Sunday, October 9, 2011

A little thin on Substance

Is this a metaphor for Fell of my Dinosaur's season, or just a funny-ass video?

The Bear Grylls Turtle Blood Male Performance award goes to SackedBySuggs. Note that the name has been changed back due to the bad juju that it put on Buffalo Renaissance. 

Speaking of Buffalo, I will be making the arduous trip north to see Buffalo play the Jets in Buffalo with none other than Buffalo Renaissance. These are the types of things you all should be doing for your commissioner...but maybe for the team I like.

Well I am going climbing today, so don't expect any last minute commissioner overrides on stupid moves or forgotten roster changes. I am setting my lineup and forgetting about it today. Ravens aren't playing anyway.

Please pay your dues if you have not as well. Josh - I expected you to walk down from the altar mid-service and hand me fifty dollars. Whats up with that?