Friday, August 31, 2012

Dammit Jim, Time is yours, and Cunning Linguists atop the Bayonne Bridge

Cunning Linguists team owner Nate Dubbs stands proudly atop the Bayonne Bridge 300 feet above the water...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Draft - 2012-2013

6:42 PM -
We are just about an hour and twenty minutes from the draft. I should be actually ranking players, since I have not done this yet. But I feel OK. Why? Because neither has about 70% of the league. My team - it's going to be a total disaster. We have two guys who are likely going to have to autodraft.

Paul has a conference call with Asia - AKA he is taking this guy and his cronies out for a night on the town...

Nater was forced to go to NYC today to attend a conference and is currently driving home from Manhattan. We wish him the best...

Travis, Matt and the Johns are coming to my house for some Chick-fil-a, homemade mac&cheese and Octoberfest which Matt got for us at his favorite store...

I set up a google hangout and can invite you if you want to see whats happening here. All you need is a gmail account and Google+. 

I guess I will attempt to do the live blog during the draft again, God help me. Let the Chaos begin...

6:52PM - Is anyone reading this? I am going to Chick-Fil-A

7:29 PM - Two people have arrived. Nate is going to stop at a rest area in north Jersey and draft - he should have just gone to Josh's house...

7:35 PM - I am sad to report that has made it impossible to right-click>save as... on cheerleader pictures. It is a sad, sad day. 


7:41 - The keeper are listed on the Blog - earlier post - here. Also the draft portal thing appears to have removed them...

7:45 - Pat has announced that he does not want Drew Brees and would like his first pick to be Larry Fitzgerald. He also announced he may not make it to a computer for round 1, in which case if you are after him and would like Drew Brees, and he autopicks him, then take Fitz and I will switch it.

7:59 - one minute left....

8:01 - Well sorry Pat - That plan fell through

8:30 - to fill the void....

8:35 - I am imagining Pat with a yellow pad of paper, a green visor, and a calculator - making picks..

8:50 - Nate takes the first Kicker - 74 year old Sebastian Janikowski

8:56 - We are nearly one hour in, and i have resorted to pictures of cats....

9:02 - "Well, if he stays healthy, McFadden will get a lot of receptions?"

"Chalkbones McFadden?!?!"

9:18 - I don't even know who he is.....Issac Pead?

- Matt Y

9:35 - Approximately .5327 seconds before Josh typed it in, I called that he would say "Mr. Irrelevant?"

9:35 - And the draft is OVER. I think Nate lost out. Draft Grades will come this weekend.

9:44 - and goodnight....

9:55 - That's not where I parked my car...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Keepers as of Sunday 8.26.2012

Here is the updated list, in the order of the Draft:
Note - rounds have not been checked yet.

Pat - Peyton Manning (10 - FA), Matt Schaub (11-FA), Reggie Bush (12-FA)

Travis - MJD (2), Vernon Davis (5), Fred Jackson (8)

John S - Arian Foster (1), Steve Smith (8), Jeremy Maclin (7)

Chris - Aaron Rodgers (1), Wes Welker (4), 49ers (15)

Nate - Chris Johnson (1), Matthew Stafford (11), Jordy Nelson (14)

Paul - Calvin Johnson (2), Julio Jones (8), Aaron Hernandez (13)

Jeff - Ray Rice (1), AJ Green (11), Cam Newton (10 - FA)

Matt - Victor Cruz (10 -FA), Antonio Brown (11 - FA), Tom Brady (2 - so gay)

John P - Rob Gronkowski (14), Darren McFadden (2)

Josh - LeSean McCoy (1), Jamaal Charles (10 - FA), Jimmy Graham (11-FA)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Only 1,083,149 Seconds left....

So it seems we have organically and democratically adopted to just announce our tentative keepers. I am going the record here and saying that I need the final keepers by Sunday August 26th at 4pm. You can do this on Yahoo, but remember you have to abide by the rules yourself - Yahoo does not understand our complex, evolved brains. If you need access to the league archives, you can get it by clicking on your team, then on your name next to your team name, you get your Yahoo history. If you then click on last year's team, you can see the draft, your final roster,

This schedule gives me a couple days to make sure everything is kosher before THE DRAFT.

Date - Wednesday August 28th at 8pm.
Location - My house
510 Crest Ave.
Elkins Park, PA 19027

We will do the same thing as last year - online for those who cannot make it. I would like to get a count of who will try to be there, and also if there is any scheduling conflicts I missed let me know ASAP. We will worry about food/beer in the coming week.

I am increasing the dues to 75 at minimum to fund a trophy. I would go even higher, so we can implement Matt's suggestion, now officially titled the "It's OK loser, you're still better than some other people" rule, which would award prizes to 2nd and 3rd place. If you do not currently have the money for this, I will put you on an interest-free payment plan. This is the trophy I like, but you can peruse the website and nominate others if you want. This place is local and seems to cater to the FF world. I am accepting suggestions for the name of the trophy, and if we want we can add a league logo. Once we finalize these things, I will order it, get the engravings and have it shipped to Josh to proudly display until one of us pries it from his loser hands in week 16.


I was about to go on a tirade about signing up on Yahoo, but only one person has not yet, so tirade avoided...

Personally I am really excited for this year. It's an election year so I expect some heated political debates mixed in with football debates. I tend to think the league is mostly republican, but I am not sure, so I am going to throw this out here and see if there is any reaction...

He's so dreamy.....(swoons)


Here are the Keepers people have stated as tentative thus far:

Jeff - Ray Rice (1), AJ Green (11), Cam Newton (10 - Free Agent)
Pat - Peyton Manning (10 - FA), Matt Schaub (11-FA), Reggie Bush (12-FA)
Josh - LeSean McCoy (1), Jamaal Charles (10 - FA), Jimmy Graham (11-FA)
John P - Rob Gronkowski (14), Darren McFadden (2)
Matt - Victor Cruz (10 -FA), Demaryius Thomas (11 - FA), Tom Brady (2 - so gay)
Chris - Aaron Rodgers (1), Wes Welker (4), 49ers (15)
John S - Arian Foster (1), Lessons on how to count to 2
Travis - not even registered yet
Nate - ?
Paul - ?

I will double check the rounds that will be sacrificed for everyone else when I get a chance to make sure they are accurate. Those not listed - you have a week+, but why not put something out there. You can always change it...