Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've created a monster....

Josh's meme-filled rant for the week in 3.....2......1........

So one large caveat to this week’s recap of football and that is, anything that happened post Mike Vick’s brain freeze will not be covered because in order to maintain my sanity and not fall into a fit of lasting rage, I had to remove myself from all things football for about 36 hours and reset.  This means no Sunday night game, no Sports Center, no Monday night game… hell, no ESPN period.  That being said, here’s what I got from Week 3 in the NFL.
  1. Apparently Romeo Crennel woke up Sunday morning to the epiphany that, “oh shit, wait a tic, Jamal Charles is on my team!”  Perhaps saving both his own job and my team at the same time as JCharles responded with a monster game and somehow we end up with the Saints being 0-3 and the Cardinals being 3-0.. more on that later.

  1. Speaking of Jamal Charles… I remember a time when he and Chris Johnson were thought of in very similar terms…entering this week both of them remained huge questions marks as to their effectiveness.  While Charles seems to have answered those questions for the time being … CJ2K continues to disappoint.  The difference between them…?  Apparently CJ2K is confussed as to which direction is North? He had multiple rushes of -7 yards or more.  Which means if your keeping score at home, he could have fallen flat on his face and saved you 2 points

  1. Thursday seems like a long, long time ago… you know what also seems like a long time ago?  Cam Newton being mentioned as the best rookie QB in the history of histories!  His performance….uh left something to be desired against the same Giants D that the Bucs and Josh Freeman ran roughshod over just a week ago.   Just a thought, but he might want to try playing with his eyes open.  For the sake of Jeff and the entire state of North Carolina.

  1. As far as naming a top 5… forget it, don’t even try, it’s pointless.  A week ago, San Fran was the most dominant force in the galaxy… a week later, Christian Ponder has more rushing TD’s than AD and the Vikings still beat the 9ers.  Check back with me in about 4 weeks and we’ll talk, until then, its week to week. 

Even NPH doesnt know what to think..
  1. Is there anyone in the league with worse luck than Austin Collie?  The guys is essentially knocked out of the last two years worth of football with concussions and then when he finally gets cleared to play again he blows out his knee on his first play of the game?  No image or sarcastic comments, just genuinely feel bad for the dude.
Now on to my thoughts about the Eagles…
  1. I’ve heard a bunch of people complain about Andy Reid and his play-calling on the 1 yard line and I ask, what would you have done?  You can’t run the ball with no timeouts so you have to pass.  I am certain that the coaches told Vick, you can’t hold onto the ball when your that close to the endzone but he, as pointed out via Facebook, Vick is a moron.  It’s that simple.  If we are at the point where we have to kick field goals with 11 seconds left and a 1st down on the goal line because we are worried our QB can’t handle 3 steps and throwing.. then bring in Foles.  Hell, bring in anyone who can grasp the concept of “get rid of the football”.

Separated at birth.
  1. That last point sounds like a joke, but not really… Honestly, how much worse could Foles possibly play than Vick.  If Foles comes in against Arizona and does nothing but kneel on the football the game is already at least 10 points closer than it ended up being!  I have no idea if Foles can play, but what I am 110% certain of is Vick A) cannot make a pre-snap read and B) cannot grasp the concept of avoiding contact.  If Foles can handle even one of those, I say it might be time to roll with it.  And for those of you thinking that this would lead to the end of the Reid era in Philly, I remind you that 47 of the 53 man roster are signed through next year.  Would be an awfully odd time to grab a new head coach.

The moral of this image is throwing the ball away is better than not throwing it at all
  1. Thankfully the defense still looks legit.  The basically gave up 13 points and even though I think the Cardinals offense stinks, sans Fitzgerald, they played behind the 8 ball all day and once they gave Boykins man over help in the slot, things went fine.  With the way the rest of the league looks at this point, the Eagles could probably win half of their games by simply not ever, ever throwing the ball or letting Vick do anything that requires him to look downfield

Will and I agree The defense gets a pass.

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