Sunday, October 14, 2012

I really do not have a lot of specific things to talk about this week, so who knows where this is going to go. Josh was kind enough to send us another rant which I will include at some point, but FIRST...

Championship Trophy Update!

The Iron Lady survived her trip across the Atlantic and is currently getting a facelift and spa treatment at the Korean Trophy place across Cheltenham Ave. from my house. The little old Korean lady at the shop was very entertained by Josh's team name from last year - Balls and Shaft. As early as the end of next week, she will be making the journey to Jersey City where she will reside until February. Josh - sorry about the short tenure at your house...make it count cause it's not going to extend any longer. 

Upsetting the Natural Balance...

So in case you missed it, Josh commented that my blog "upset the natural balance of the league." Now, my personal opinion is that this comment alone has doomed Josh's team to failure this year so I am personally pretty excited. The veiled arrogance cannot be ignored. We aren't talking about drafts here - that's a different story. 

Essentially, what Josh was saying was that the rich should get richer while the middle class should suffer, and Nate should stop accepting government handouts and get a damn job. Obama 2012!

The good thing about this comment is that it brought Pat out of his Cone of Silence and got a discussion going about my draft grades. I have been super busy with work, but have been looking forward to this all week. Here is a brief summary of Pat's criticisms of my comments:

1. My battered QBs are doing ok so far this season, huh? 
So the comment I made was that you adopted all of the battered QBs from LAST SEASON. When you picked up Manning it was clear that he was not taking any snaps all season. Schaub missed the last 6 games of the season with the Lisfranc injury he got when Fatty Haynesworth fell on him. So yeah, I stand by that comment - it's an objective fact. I didn't say it was a bad move.

2. My RB's are soft: I can see how you might say that Bradshaw & Bush are soft, but not AP or Jackson.
Maybe the word "soft" was the wrong choice. Those dudes all run hard. I was shocked at how effective Reggie Bush was until he got hurt. Therein lies the problem. AP had a massive knee reconstruction after he tore his ACL and MCL. He played 12 games last year and didn't break 1000 yards. Both him and Bush are probable for this week, and Bradshaw and Bush both missed games this season. They all get hurt. 

As for Sjax, you showed some good stats about games played and frankly I was shocked that Jackson started that many games.I am going to go a little deeper on his record. My gut instinct is that Jackson gets hurt  a lot and I want to find out for sure. 

Here is a breakdown of Sjax in terms of games started versus games where he actually performed as a RB1. So yeah, I guess he does start more games than I thought. He had a couple of rough years in 2007-2008, and last year was not great either. But I guess he doesn't get as hurt as much as I think he he does. Foot meet mouth. 

Year Games started Games with a RB1 level contribution
2011 15 13
2010 16 16
2009 15 15
2008 12 11
2007 12 12
2006 16 16
2005 15 15
AVG 14.43 14

Enough of that. On to more important things...


Josh's Weekly Rant

I know everyone celebrated the TD toss by Drew Brees and passing John U’s record and all but I couldn’t help but think how unbelieveable it is that he set that record in the 60’s when yo could basically assult WR’s the entire length of the field. Not to mention the fact that QB’s were treated like any other player back then and they got pounded into oblivion.

I said the power ranking are a waste of time till about Week 8 but….Well where is the fun in waiting and being rational with these things.

1. 49ers
2. Texans
3. Falcons
4. Ravens
5. Bears


29. Raiders
30. Titans
32. Jaguars 

3. You’ve probably heard the Herm Edwards story by now… he speaks at the rookie symposium every year about what to watch out for in the NFL and he has a saying…”Nothing good happens after 2am”! I apply this philosophy when it comes to any of the sports teams I follow, and if nothing good can happen, I walk away. So with 6:00 minutes left and the ball going back to the Steelers, at home, desperate for a win… I knew that either the Eagles find a way to hang on and win in which case I don’t need to see anymore, or they lose a heartbreaker on the road which for my own sanity, I also don’t need to see. You know how that story ends!


4. Someone explain to me how the defense is getting the bulk of the blame for the loss? Pretty sure that if you told me before the game that they would hold the Steelers to less than 17 points I’d take that in a heartbeat. Quick, name the teams who have scored less points than the Eagles through 5 game….. Answer: 1, the Jacksonville “God-awful” Jaguars!

“Uh oh, this doesn’t seem right…” 

5. I realize that Nick Foles is not a realistic option right now with a team that is 3-2, even if they are 3 plays away from being 0-5, but I don’t think it’s crazy to think that this team couldn’t have the exact same record if Foles was the QB. Vick has more turnovers than all but 4 TEAMS in the NFL. At this point anything other than an NFC Champ game and I think Vick is gone this year. If Christian Ponder can do it… Foles could too. 

6. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who saw Andy pull the plug on Vick’s line check down on the goal line before he hit Celek for the TD? More evidence that Vick is unable to make a pre-snap read.

Also… how retarded must you be to be physically unable to slide…?


“Who you callin retarded…?”

I'm too tired for game recaps. Sorry. 

Here is the league leader SackedBySuggs on his honeymoon...congrats! Nate - you're up next. 

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  1. to set the reconrd straight, when I said "balance of power" i meant that all 3 of the top 3 teams lost in the same weekend, so lets not get too carried away. That being said, pretty much my entire roster has been injured at one point or another this year so i may already be jinxed.