Saturday, October 27, 2012

The power of the MEME

So this week we had a pretty classic email chain at work that involved pretty much all the standard memes that are floating around. Since I am staggering in a barren desert, bereft of blog ideas, I am going to let the memes do the talking for me...

Look Matt! Pictures!

Way to be Paul...

5 moves all season....maybe one comment. 


hopefully Greg Jennings will fix you right up...

You guarded that thing with your life for weeks...

fortunately, that did not occur.

Nate - you have been warned.

Bitter? I am NOT bitter. Congrats on your win, Matt. Seriously. 

Pat heart Yoda. 

4-0 to 4-3? hmmm....

That's it for this week. Or is it?

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