Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Season Kickoff

Don't hate. 

 Ok so there are a lot of issues to deal with here. First, for reference, I put the original keeper rules at the bottom of this post. They should directly answer some of the questions. These rules can be changed assuming we get a 6+/10 consensus on the change - this is to prevent me from haphazardly changing things, so now we have to vote on any change. 

So here are my responses to the issues that were brought up. 

1. Regarding the Draft: I am in agreement with Josh that the Draft should be after Aug 26th. How does Wednesday August 29th at 8pm at my house or on the interweb work for everyone? That is before Chris starts his big project, and after Josh, Paul and Prader get back from vacation. The only big loser here is Pat I think. A weekday pretty much eliminates Paul from coming down from Canada, but what can you do? There is an ever so slight chance that I will be in Turkey around then too, but I will have to work something out if that happens. 

2. Regarding trades, Josh said:

so to clarify here, as an example, if I want to trade Roddy White, since he was drafted in the 2nd round, you'd haver to give up your second rounder to get him and I presume that means the person who want to acquire him wouldn't also be able to retain their previous 2nd round draft pick?  Right?

Assuming you referring to trading for picks, it was in the original rules that we cannot trade for picks (Rule #13) but we can change that this year if there is a consensus. The trade window I was referring to was for players only. Pat may want to shop some of the aging all-stars he picked up.  It seems like a fair idea so lets put it to a vote. Assuming it gets voted in, then we can trade for picks as well, and the general rule that Josh stated above applies, except with the addition that the trade does not have to be picks only; you can add in a player where appropriate. 

3. Regarding Waiver Wire pickups as keepers, Chris said: 

For those of you who made trades which resulted in a keeper, or want to keep a player you picked up off of waivers, Jeff will have to inform us what pick you will need to give up in order to keep them.

I think this one is straightforward. There are three types of waivers to consider. 

One type are backups or surprising undrafted stars. In the case of these, you would give up a 10th, 11th, or 12th round pick depending on who else you are keeping. 

The second type are players who were dropped and were NOT claimed as wavier wire pick ups. Examples from last season would be Jamal Charles and Peyton Manning. These guys passed through the waiver round and were added to the new teams as FREE AGENTS and therefore are not subject to waiver rules. In other words, if Pat keeps Peyton Manning  he does NOT have to give up a pick in the round in which Manning was drafted (likely 5th or 6th round). He just has to give up a 10th, 11th, or 12th depending on his other keepers. This is the rule I was considering changing for next season.

The third type are originally drafted but now dropped players who were picked up during the waiver wire period - in this case you drop the original drafted round. 

 - Do we want to use Yahoo again? I know some had issues. 
 - I am going get a trophy, get Josh's name engraved on it, and let him proudly display it for the next 8 months, and hopefully not a second longer. If anyone wants to help subsidize this that would be awesome. 
 - Unless everyone feels like really changing the game, we are going to go with $50 for dues again. 
 - I was happy with the scoring system personally, but if anyone has any suggested changes, speak now or soon. 

Original Keeper Rules:

1. Each owner has the option of keeping up to three players, but must keep at least two players.

2. Only two players at a given position may be kept by an owner.

3. Only one of the three kept players can come from rounds 1,2 or 3 of the previous year.

4. The owner sacrifices the draft pick of the kept player in the following years draft

5. If the kept player is taken from free agency then the owner sacrifices their 10th round pick.

6. If two kept players are taken from free agency, then the owner sacrifices the 10th and 11th round picks and so on.

7. If a kept player comes from free agency and the 10th round pick is also kept, then the 11th round pick is sacrificed, and so on.

8. If a kept player comes from waivers, then the owner sacrifices the pick in the round in which the player was drafted.

9. A player may be kept by a single owner for a maximum of three seasons (the original drafted season, and two "kept" seasons).

10. Up to the three year limit under a single owner, the owner sacrifices the pick corresponding to the players original drafted round.

11. If a player is traded before the three year limit, the original pick sacrifice is traded with him.

12. If a player is traded at the end of the three year limit, then the new owner sacrifices the pick corresponding to the players preseason ranking for a standard PPR scoring format according to Yahoo! Sports.

13. No trades for draft picks are allowed.

14. Keeper selections are due 5 days prior to next years draft.

15. After the initial four day evaluation window, these rules can only be changed with a majority vote of the league (6+ votes)