Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 2 Update

So Farley's Fiddlers sits atop the league standings right now after scoring the most points in the league in his match up against me. In second is the Golden Showers with an impressive performance all across the board (i.e., 1/3 of his points were not from one player). Gatorade is in third, as would be expected of the current champion. Hey Buddy is in the fourth spot after a close win over Initials, and finally Big McLarge is in fifth after beating Mustache and starting a new season long contest...see below.

Last Monday at 9:30pm when I checked the final of my match up

Last week, partly for fun, and partly because I had not other topic to write about, I made predictions for each match up. Globally I went 2/5 with some choice bits of insight that turned out to be fairly valid, but overall, a complete failure. Moving forward, I am probably done with these predictions, and if I find myself lacking inspiration, I will just talk about myself.

Allow myself to talk about....myself


"Who is going to be the first to lose to Shust?" 

WEEK 2 - This weeks contestant is Gatorade, who is projected to win 139-121 currently. Currently Vegas has the odds of Mustache beating Gatorade at 400:1.

Great News for Farley's Fiddlers

Last year, in week 1, I scored the second most points in the league but lost by four points, meaning I was the most unlucky person in the league. This year, in week 1, I scored the second most points in the league but lost by four points, meaning I am still the most unlucky person in the league. The good news for Farley is the team that beat me last season went on to win. If you are going to get sixty points from a QB, let it be the same week you are playing the guy who gets 44 points from a 30 year old (beloved) wide receiver.

You don't owe Jeff anymore. You've given him everything.

Not everything. Not yet. 

The Al Davis Award

Yesterday I got a notification from the NFL Mobile app on my phone. Note the breaking news at the top of the image below... 

Then you say:
"But wait Jeff, the Al Davis award is about the worst decision in the draft. Mark Sanchez went undrafted, so what the hell are you talking about? "

I am talking about Vick Ballard. He is so not good, that when he goes on IR, NFL Mobile does not bother to tell us, but when undrafted fantasy stud Mark Sanchez goes on the short term IR, I get a notification. Goodbye Vickie B. - See you next year. Shust - It's official.  It is already impossible for Tavon Austin to be of less value than Vick Ballard, so you are the recipient of the Al Davis Award. 

Welcome to the club. 

Update on the
"I see way more P**** than you guys" Award

The award, if you recall, is for the team that gets the biggest impact from FA pickups. The name is in honor of my wife, who is an OBGYN and does in fact see way more p**** than us, and who also excels in free agency. I am going to call it the P**** award for short, until Jen shoots me down. I am going to track free agent pickups (not waivers) and also starts. Only free agent pickups who start will count towards your total. Currently, the leader for the P**** award is One Beer Weidners - with 12 points from Washington Defense. Pat and I both left FA points on the bench from Joquie Bell and Julius Thomas, respectively. I can host the spreadsheet on Google Drive, once it gets more interesting. 


whatever you do, don't stare at my elbows...

At least the Jaguars Cheerleaders are still trying...



  1. So I would gladly accept the Al Davis for shitting the bed on the entire draft. For some reason I had the brilliant (perhaps alcohol aided) notion to pick up a second top quarterback and trade (which has obviously worked well). So I'm trying to understand the animosity toward the Ballard decision. Hindsight...a terrible decision. However, with the shitfest of a team I had and no late round sleepers that amounted to anything what were my options? I had no one who didn't move till two rounds after I drafted them last year. So why not give up my 10th round for a starting RB (I use starting loosely) for a few weeks...and then replaced with Bradshaw who is a bruised pinky toe away from not seeing the field. Not arguing the Davis, but I'd like to know what consensus is as to the right thing I should have done as its apparent I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. Is Steve Slaton still available?

  2. Mostly I just don't like Vick Ballard. Admittedly your choices were not great. Torrey Smith went in the third I think - so maybe it's the homer in me talking. Don't take any offense big guy.